About SqueezEbyte

This web page was established to provide readers of the ebook "PICAXE Microcontroller Projects For Makers" with copies of the PICAXE microcontroller programs used in the book. Also provided are specifications for some of the components used in the designs.

PICAXE microcontroller and electronics design resources

About PICAXE Microcontroller Projects For Makers

This eBook contains detailed instructions on how to build and program 15 different PICAXE Microcontroller projects. It is very comprehensive and includes all of the programs as well as circuit diagrams, parts lists, photographs and construction details.

About Simon Carter

Simon Carter is a self-taught PICAXE enthusiast and an electronics hobbyist. PICAXE Microcontroller Projects For Makers is his first book. He has worked in the Canadian wireless and broadcast communications industry for the past 35 years.